Ishant Nayyar. Yes, this is the right place to handle your query about Ishant Nayyar. Many of you are simply searching on google about Ishant nayyar. Some might be reading some article on internet and then searching for Ishant. Anyways, Ishant Nayyar is the same person you must be thinking of. Almost every age genre is searching for this keyword. The Person, the engineer, the blogger, the painter, the poet, the dreamer, the thinker, the investor. You can include many more qualities for the name. Recently, many of you must be searching because of the trending fashion queries. Here, with this article, i will just simply tell you about my sweet life journey so far that took the internet by storm.

Ishant Nayyar


Ishant Nayyar Birth Date

26 April 1990

Ishant Nayyar Schooling

DL DAV MODEL SCHOOL , Pitam Pura New Delhi

Ishant Nayyar Professional Details

He is an Automotive Engineer by Profession for 8 to 5 job. Also, you must have read popular articles on internet for sure. He is a pro blogger and a great poet. Ishant writes for different genres including technical and blogging tips. He is very very popular within the iPhone enthusiasts. I am sure, you must have visited his blog once for sure, if you search.

Ishant is blogging since around 5 yrs for now. The start of his blogging journey was all of a sudden.

Ishant Nayyar Achievements

If i have to mention this, i think he is still far behind. But If you know his achievements already, he is in good progress. If you do not, he surely needs to work even harder. I am sure, most of you already know about this.

Ishant Nayyar – Start of his Blogging Journey

Ishant Nayyar was in Italy for FIAT JEEP RENEGADE Project , when his Brother asked him to update a post for his Website because he was on Driving On Delhi Chandigarh Highway without a Laptop. He got his FTP account password and User details. He added some file he mailed me and i slept. Later morning i called him and asked what is this blog all about and what effect did my file addition made . His brother shared him a Screenshot of the Website visitor he got on his page which i added. He was astonished to see , while he slept for 8 Hrs , there were 633 Visitors during the time on the page and he made around 8.7 $ within that 8 hrs by some Google Adsense Program.

Income Reports of Ishant

He is not updating the income details from past few months. But as per the sources he makes a decent amount of money per month. Almost, the money which your manager does not make even from 8 to 5 job in 2 months, he earns it in a single month.

I am sure, if you are reading this article after Googling out some query, i am sure you must have read something really great.

Ishant Nayyar Relationship status

He is not married, but the sources say that he is engaged to his family friend. Ishant does not officially tell the details. He always say that the world will get to know me soon.

Best Place to Find Ishant Nayyar anytime

Reach him @

You can Follow Ishant on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter./ Google Plus

I am writing this article in his absence. I am sure he is going to like this. Article Credits – Someone Special 🙂



Ishant Nayyar | Ishant Nayyar – The man who occupied the internet with a storm
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