Popular and one of the fastest growing Blog income reports. I created Blogcheater on 2 April 2017. Blogcheater is a same concept as of Techcheater. Here are the Income Reports of blog which will inspire you to start blogging.

When I started Blogging I was not sure of the Profits I could make with blogs.

ishant nayyar usa trip may 2018 - usa canada border
ishant nayyar usa trip may 2018 – usa canada border

Techcheater was a Vision and Blogcheater is a way far ahead..

I run 4 blogs of my own, out of which Techcheater and Blogcheater are my favorites.

I use Different Strategies to monetize my blogs. This includes –

  • Putting up advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing/sponsored reviews

How it started – It lead me to this level that i am sharing my Blog Income Reports

I was in Italy for FIAT JEEP RENEGADE Project , when my Brother asked me to update a post for his Website because he was on Driving On Delhi Chandigarh Highway without a Laptop. Then, I got his FTP account password and User details. I added some file he mailed me and i slept. Later morning i called him and asked what is this blog all about and what effect did my file addition made . He shared me a Screenshot of the Website visitor he got on his page which i added. I was astonished to see , while i slept for 8 Hrs , there were 633 Visitors during the time on his page and he made around 8.7 $ within that 8 hrs by some Google Adsense Program.

That was 2014.

Now it’s 2017.

Over the past 2 – 3 years, I have learned and implemented various techniques that help me to make a living from my blog. Whatever I earn now is a result of the hard work that I have put in for all these years.

I now make it a point to share everything that I have learned with the vibrant community here at Blogcheater / Techcheater. After all, the more you give, the more you get (Law of Attraction!)…

Every month I share my income report which details exactly how I’ve been earning money.

Note – I will be updating this section frequently.

568 $ – Income Report of Techcheater / Blogcheater for the month of FEB 2017.

July 2018 Income report will make you quit your job. More than 5566 $ in a month strategy will amaze you

Start Your Blog Today and you will be publishing your income reports soon. You yourself can start Earning. Most important thing is, creating a blog is free.

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