How to make a Blog. This stepwise guide will explain you the way of making a blog with which you can earn free money for lifetime. When you make your blog, you will start earning free money as well. In this internet world, we are getting connected to each other with the content sharing. People are making their blogs and they are one of the common platforms for connectivity. This stepwise tutorial will help you create your Blog. Even if you do not know coding, you can proceed to get one for yourself.

I have 2 options. One is absolutely free which is recommend for beginners and one is with a minimum investment, which i recommend because of the technical support you get. Just read the guide till the end. It is very useful.

This article was published in a teaching university and it has already helped many students in making thousands of dollars.

how to make a blog
how to create a blog

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Very Important: The Below article is for a basic one. Please do not rush to read everything all together. Like other blogs i could have mentioned all details in single article. That will boost my SEO as well and can give me good affiliates income as well. But please read this article first and then proceed to the next explanatory tutorials (Links given in the end). Else you will mess it up.

How to Make a Blog

Even if you are an engineer or a non coder, i will tell you the best way to make a blog. If you are an engineer, chances are less that you make this query. But even if you are, i would suggest you to opt for this way.

Follow the below steps to make a blog and earn money for free

  1. Select the Blog Category

    This step of selecting the blog category is very important. It means that which content you will be putting in your blog. For example, you can create a blog like any popular fashion blogger.

    Whenever you select a blog topic, the revenue you generate through that blog depends on the Audience and the available advertisers. Take an example, that if you create a blog on social donation, there will be no / less advertisers that will spend money on ads of their work. So, the blog will be non profitable. You should chose a blog category where you have a interest too. Else you will never want to write the content.

    Here are the top 5 blogging categories for making a good blog with huge number of visitors.

    1. Technical Reviews
    2. Recipes
    3. Travel experiences
    4. Environment
    5. Health Tips
  2. Choose the Platform for the Blog

    make a blog - the platform share in the market
    the blogging platform share in the market

    You can use the Content management system for making your blogs. There are many of such available platforms. But i recommend using wordpress. The WordPress alternative list include

    • Drupal
    • Blogger
    • Magento
    • Joomla
    • Shopify
    • Wix

    It is your choice to select a good platform for your blog. If you are literate and can think, i recommend wordpress but if you are completely new and are not much literate i recommend you to go for Wix. But opting for wordpress for blogs is recommended. Here are the reasons why i recommend wordpress:

    • WordPress is absolutely FREE (you only need a web host & domain name)
    • Many options to customise your website / blog. There are 5,000+ free & paid WordPress themes available to make your design look top-quality.
    • It offers 45,000+ free plugins to help your blog run more smoothly and efficiently. Even if you do not know coding, you can customise your blog.
    • Offers a online support where you can discuss with other community members.
  3. Chose the Hosting and Domain Name

    buy domain name and hosting to make a blog
    buy domain name and hosting

    When you have decided for the platform the next thing you have to get is a Web Hosting and a domain name for your blog. Here is the definition of Web hosting and domain name In sweet and simple words, The domain name is a computer (Server) where you keep all the files of your website and the domain name is the name mapped to your web hosting server to make it accessible using a web browser.


    I have a free method and a paid method for you guys. With the free one, your domain name will be associated along with the third party name. For example, if your domain name is techcheater and you buy it for free, your website address will be and if you want to get it for free, it will be Https://

    Free Method to Buy the domain name and web hosting

    For free domain name, you can create your account at and proceed just like the below steps. But believe me guys, that is only recommended if you are having no money. Also do not think that lets start with a free one. If it is successful i will get a paid one. Trust me guys, you will succeed rarely with this thought process. Still it is your call.

    I recommend you to use the following service providers to get web hosting. If you buy the hosting from the below link, you will get the best discount for yourself.

    BluehostA2 Hosting
    Discount Couppon Embedded In the link itself ZIP 51
    Link To Get the Discount Click Here Click Here
    Price Starts from 3 $ Per Month Starts from 3 $ Per Month

    Most of the new bloggers go for the cheap hosting / free hosting. Please do not do that. When you go there, you will realise and will definitely regret your decision. You will neither get support at the time of need. Suppose, your blog is live and at 12 pm your server goes down, then if you call your hosting provider and no body entertains you, think how bad your site performance goes then.

    Believe me friends, i am giving you the best hosting service advice to proceed. I can provide any name you can find on google and i will get commission to promote each and every one. But if i do, i am trying to achieve a temporary gain. But if you too start earning with your blog under my guidance, then definitely you will come back to read my articles. That will make me a big profit.
    Along with the web hosting, get the domain name as well. They will offer it for free of cost.

    Once you have the web hosting available, proceed to the next step

  4. Install The CMS (Blogging Platform) on your Web Hosting

    Now when you have the access to C-Panel, you can follow the below steps to install wordpress on your hosting server.

    • Login to your hosting account and open C-Panel interface.

      how to start a blog in india - the wordpress installation using softaculous
      how to start a blog in india – the wordpress installation using softaculous
    • Click on install wordpress and proceed to fill the details.

      how to start a blog in india - One press wordpress install
      One press wordpress install
    • Enter the path of installation along with http:// or http://www. as protocol.

      how to start a blog in india - provide wordpress installation path copy
      provide wordpress installation path copy
    • Now Enter the website setup details including a title and description for your WordPress site (Don’t worry you can easily change them from your WordPress admin area after installation).

    • Next, you need to provide following info:

      how to start a blog in india - Softaculous wordpress installation path
      Softaculous wordpress installation path
      • Admin username.

      • Password.

      • Email address.

    • Click the install button and wait for the process completion.

      how to start a blog in india - install wordpress confirm
      how to start a blog in india – install wordpress confirm
    • That’s it. You will have the WordPress installed in your web directory.

      how to start a blog in india - installation of wordpress completes
      installation of wordpress completes

    You can login to your WordPress Dashboard using the user details provided above.

  5. Start Writing For your Blog

    FInally when you have the CMS installed on your web hosting, you can proceed to start the content for your blog. You do not have to worry about your coding skills as the backend software (Your CMS Platform) Takes care of this. Just focus on your content and audience.

    make a blog - wordpress editor to enter the content
    wordpress editor to enter the content

    The above image for a wordpress editor. When you install any CMS, you get a dedicated user interface to write the content.

  6. Publish The Content

    When you have some content ready for you blog, you can proceed to publish it for the audience. After you publish, then only the worldwide audience will be able to read it. When they read it, the possibility to build revenue out of your blog increases.

    WordPress Dashboard allows you to configure the WordPress settings and lets you update and maintain the WordPress Blog or a Website. The Dashboard is a well structured GUI that also lets you edit the backend code. You should login to your dashboard in order to put the content on web.

    how to start a blog in india - wordpress login url
    wordpress login url

    Generally when you install the WordPress (As explained in step 4), you have to provide the installation path. If you do not put any directory name, that means you install the files in root directory, your WordPress Dashboard login page will be – http://ABC/wp-admin, where ABC is your domain name. Also, do not worry i you are not able to go to the dashboard login page, you can check the exact web address via the C-Panel of your web hosting.

    Once you go to the admin link, you can input your user id and password details (Which were given during installation as in step 4). If the password and user id matches, you can proceed to the WordPress Dashboard of your site.

    You can publish the post with images and videos as well. This dashboard allows you to proceed.

  7. Share the Blog on Social Media

    To increase the audience, you have to make your social channels and you have to publish the content on the social media. For this, you may also invest on digital marketing. It is all your call.

Completely Free Option which will help you Make Blog for free money

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What blog platform should I use?

You should use WordPress CMS Platform to make your blog. WordPress is the most popular platform, powering over 25% of the web! Best of all: it’s free.

What content blog should I Create?

You can choose from the below list and decide the content niche for your new blog:

  • Technical Blogs
  • Recipe blogs
  • Bitness blogs
  • Business blogs


The above article is just a beginner guide. I could have put all the data in a single article, but that again would have been a confusing task for you guys. First read the article and then proceed my next guides which will let you proceed with the required things which are mentioned in above steps with the explanatory tutorials.

Once you have your blog ready, you can read the articles that will assist you earn money online. But before you focus on earning, you should focus on the strategy of making a blog. Invest your time on basics. Get your blog ready. Then i would recommend you to read the income methods. And trust me friends, you can make handsome amount of money with the blogs.

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Make a blog | How to Make a Blog
How to Make a Blog
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How to Make a Blog
How to make a Blog. This stepwise guide will explain you the way of making a blog with which you can earn free money for lifetime. When you make your blog, you will start earning free money as well.
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