Are you looking how to start a blog in India? Or do you have questions about it. I am glad you’re here! In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to create your own blog, even if you are not from technical background. Finally you want to create your blog? Blogging in India is now a common profession. Many of the youth get excited about this blogging idea, but only few of them give a head start. I want each one of you to completely read this article. You can thank me later, but i will surely streamline your thought process and will explain you each detail of blogging from creation to earning. The article will also explain every advantage and disadvantage of getting into this line.

how to start blog a in india
how to start a blog in india

After this, you yourself will be able to not only create but earn money from blogging. I would say, that this post is not a simple article, rather i would say, it as a complete guide to assist you in Blogging.

There are many platforms that will assist you to create blogs. Now a days, even if you do not know how to code, than also, you can create the Blogs in minutes. The best thing is maintaining a blogging website and posting content on your website is as simple as posting a Facebook post. Trust me friends, you will be so glad to proceed with your blog.

I will be dividing the content into the following sections:


Start a Blog in India

I will be sub dividing the article into sub parts now. Each sub part is a chapter in itself. Just stick your mind and start considering it as a checklist for getting your blog ready.

Step 1: Choosing your Blogging Niche

The word niche might confuse some of you beginners. The word is simple but has a broader meaning. To understand in terms of a blog, take the meaning of a niche of a blog as the “Topic of a Blog”. When you read an iPhone tutorial blog, like, you can now classify as “technical niche blog“. Similar category is of a Fashion Blog and the person who writes or maintains a Fashion Blog is a Fashion Blogger.

main topic - how to start blog in india - sub topic - How to select a blogging niche
How to select a blogging niche

Now let us come to your Blog. So, when you think of creating a blog, you should finalise the niche of your blog. You might conclude a niche in minutes. But, please make sure that your selected Blog Category answers these below questions.

  1. Is the niche of your blog your interest or are you simply choosing it?

  2. Is your Blogging Niche Profitable?

If you have the answers to the above questions then you can proceed and finalise the content of your blog.

Now, most of you guys must be searching for the answer to the second question. Right or Wrong?

To get the answer to your second question, here are some most trusted tools and tricks that you can try before proceeding.

How to Check if the blog will make you profit and you should stick with a particular niche or not.

subtopic your blog should be profitable of the main topic how to start a blog in india
subtopic your blog should be profitable of the main topic how to start a blog in india

When you select a blog topic, the revenue you generate through that blog depends on the Audience and the available advertisers. Take an example, that if you create a blog on social donation, there will be no / less advertisers that will spend money on ads of their work. So, the blog will be non profitable.

Believe me guys, even if you are thinking to do a social service by writing a blog, you will be demotivated if your blog is not making you money. Also, you can use Google Trends to understand what is trending in the world. The trending content is good to proceed with the blogging niche.

Once you finalise the niche, you can proceed to the next step. That will help you move ahead a next step further.

Majority of the Bloggers choose the following topics considering the reader’s interest and the monetary benefits.

  • Educational
  • Recipes
  • Travel experiences
  • Global warming
  • Charity
  • Politics
  • Beginner’s guides to anything! (Computer Technology being the hottest topic)
  • Music
  • Life experiences
  • Products or service reviews
  • Family
  • Gaming
  • Parenthood
  • Overcoming adversity or illness
  • Activism
  • Personal Stories
  • Sports
  • Myths
  • History

You can also check if the above topics are of your interest. If yes, it will be easier for you to maintain a blog on the topic.

popularblogniche - how to start a blog in india
popularblogniche – how to start a blog in india

Step 2: Choose your Blogging Platform

Any body who uses internet can create a free blog on Google Blogger platform. The Blogging platform has a predefined set of code that enables the users to publish a content on internet with a easy to use GUI.

The Platform provides an opportunity to every individual to skip out the coding part and directly interact with the easy to use interface.

Now a days, you guys must have watched so many videos highlighting a tool that will work with a Drag and Drop feature and will publish a website for you. These tools are website builders but can assist you create a blog for you. Most of them are free to use.

Now let us precisely talk “Which platform shall you opt while you are proceeding with a blog in India.”

how to start a blog in india - choose your blogging platform
how to start a blog in india – choose your blogging platform

There are many available platforms. Google also provides a well organised Blogger interface that lets you create your free blog. Not only blogger, there are many other blogging platforms. The google blogger shares a very less percentage of world websites.

Here are today’s major blogging platforms. You can choose either of the following and proceed to create your website.

  1. (self-hosted)
  2. (online)
  3. Ghost
  4. Tumblr
  5. Medium
  6. Blogger
  7. Squarespace
  8. Joomla
  9. Weebly
  10. Wix
  11. Drupal
  12. Typepad
  13. Magento

My recommendation is always WordPress. It is free to use and free to learn.

Majority of the world blogs and sites are built using WordPress.

I personally use WordPress (Make sure you do not use it from for almost all my sites and highly recommend the usage. It is absolutely free to use.

If you are getting confused between and, here is some important information to note.

Actually the WordPress is available for the installation in 2 ways:

  • The Blogs hosted on WordPress servers

    They are also classified as blogs. They are absolutely free to use where you do not even have to pay for the hosting. But the negative thing about them is that they restrict your income.

  • The Blogs hosted on self hosted servers

    But when you host your website on your server and use WordPress on it, it is the best combination. You can get the server from any hosting provider. You must have heard names about godaddy, A2 hosting, Bigrock etc. These companies will provide you the web servers where you can install your wordpress and proceed. The income is not restricted and you have the full authority to use it anyhow.

So, Now i hope it is clear to you all that you will be opting for the WordPress on self hosted websites. Majority of Indian web developers use and rely on WordPress for their blogs.

Step 3:Buy Web Hosting and Domain

Now when you are ready with your Blogging Platform software, you have to install the WordPress Software on a web server. The web hosting in India are available at very cheap prices.

Understand Why you need the Web Hosting:

how to start a blog in india howhostingworks

Before choosing a web hosting in India, you should consider the below points as they are very important.

  • Never go for the cheapest option

    The web hosting prices are cheap. The difference between the cheapest and an good average web hosting is around 1000-1500 Rs per year. I am sure, you will not compromise a better performance service over a cheap just a running service for such a lesser amount. I never recommend anybody to go for them. Godadyy / Bigrock are the cheapest ones, but trust me, they are not good to use. Even if you begin, please do not opt them.
    Also interesting thing to note is that this price difference is for the first year only. In the next years, the renewal price will be higher.

  • Opt for Yearly Package

    The hosting companies offer monthly quarterly, yearly, 2 yearly packages. I recommend to use the yearly package. The reason is that the discount coupons work best with them. Next year you can renew them easily.

Now the next step is to select a domain name. If you are starting a blog in India, the best domain name extensions are “.com” or “”.

In India, The cheapest place to register domain name is definitely the Bigrock. Even if you get a better price on Godaddyor others, opt for Bigrock. The renewal / the next year price is also the best on bigrock. But for web hosting you should not just simply buy Bigrock.

Try the tool below and see if your ideal blog’s domain name is available. If it’s unavailable, you’ll get some relevant suggestions.

Next Step is to buy the Web Hosting

See you are a beginner and you will be needing support in case you face issues when you get problem with the web server. Suppose you publish content at 10 pm in the night and somehow your server starts giving problem and you have shared the link to your friends and the server goes down. In this case it will be negative to you if readers are not able to see it. This is the time you will be needing the support. Such problems are more common in cheap hosting providers. That time you will realise the importance. Also, in such scenarios the support team is not available. So, your blog will loose the reputation.

So, think wisely. Almost each hosting provider will give me commissions for sharing their service. I can provide you all the links, anything you choose, i will be paid.

But CHANAKYA SAYS – Building a Trust is more important in any Business. So, i will suggest you the same thing which i choose for myself. I consider money and service together.

BigrockA2 HostingComprison
Cost for 1 Year Plan Around ₹ 1,100 With Discount. Original is around ₹ 2000 Around ₹3500.00 With Discount Original is around ₹ 8000 You just save around 2500 per year which i will say is not a big deal. If your vision is big i recommend you to definitely go with A2 Hosting
Discount Coupon "BRHOST" + Use the link Below Embedded with the link Below
Buy Now Buy Now Bigrock servers are for the Beginners. I recommend A2 Hosting for Professionals who wish to earn money with blogging
You Save With Blogcheater Discount Around 30% Flat 51% Use the above links to Activate the Deals.

I recommend you to proceed with A2 Web Hosting.

If The Cheapest is always the best then BMW / Benz / Audi would have failed in India as Maruti is Available.

Step 4: Install WordPress on Your Web Hosting Server

The next step is to install the WordPress on the server you purchased. Installation is easy and will take minutes. Do not worry even if you do not know how to code. You just need to know how to use a computer and that is enough for installing WordPress on the server.

Once you buy the web hosting you will receive a C- Panel by Softaculous. The Softaculous C Panel is a GUI tool to control your web server. You can install / uninstall the applications and useful code using this C-Panel.

Now when you have the access to C-Panel, you can follow the below steps to install wordpress on your hosting server.

  • Login to your hosting account and open C-Panel interface.

    how to start a blog in india - the wordpress installation using softaculous
    how to start a blog in india – the wordpress installation using softaculous
  • Click on install wordpress and proceed to fill the details.

    how to start a blog in india - One press wordpress install
    One press wordpress install
  • Enter the path of installation along with http:// or http://www. as protocol.

    how to start a blog in india - provide wordpress installation path copy
    provide wordpress installation path copy
  • Now Enter the website setup details including a title and description for your WordPress site (Don’t worry you can easily change them from your WordPress admin area after installation).

  • Next, you need to provide following info:

    how to start a blog in india - Softaculous wordpress installation path
    Softaculous wordpress installation path
    • Admin username.

    • Password.

    • Email address.

  • Click the install button and wait for the process completion.

    how to start a blog in india - install wordpress confirm
    how to start a blog in india – install wordpress confirm
  • That’s it. You will have the WordPress installed in your web directory.

    how to start a blog in india - installation of wordpress completes
    installation of wordpress completes

You can login to your WordPress Dashboard using the user details provided above.

Step 5: Login to the WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard allows you to configure the WordPress settings and lets you update and maintain the WordPress Blog or a Website. The Dashboard is a well structured GUI that also lets you edit the backend code. Though this code editing is not required. I personally do the code changes to the WordPress just because i like to make custom changes to all my blogs. But there are many of my friends, who just do not even see the website backend code and they are very much happy with their blog.

how to start a blog in india - wordpress login url
wordpress login url

Generally when you install the WordPress (As explained in step 4), you have to provide the installation path. If you do not put any directory name, that means you install the files in root directory, your WordPress Dashboard login page will be – http://ABC/wp-admin, where ABC is your domain name. Also, do not worry i you are not able to go to the dashboard login page, you can check the exact web address via the C-Panel of your web hosting.

Once you go to the admin link, you can input your user id and password details (Which were given during installation as in step 4). If the password and user id matches, you can proceed to the WordPress Dashboard of your site.

Step 6: Setup the Basic WordPress theme and setup

When you login to the WordPress Dashboard, you can see the interface to change the settings / appearance and change the website layout. The WordPress theme is a set of code that is installed on WordPress CMS. The Theme code has the properties of displaying a website. The design, the colors, the layouts, everything is coded in the WordPress theme. You can choose your desired theme from the list of available Free / Paid themes. In the beginning i recommend you to stick to a Free theme and later when you start earning, then may be you can proceed for the paid code pieces.

When you install the WordPress, by default WordPress will load a theme for you. That theme is good, you can proceed to use the same as well. But if you wish to change the theme to customise the look and feel of your website, you can follow the below steps:

  • First Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Now go to Appearance on the left side options of the Dashboard.

  • Select the Themes from the SubMenu and then Click Add New.

    how to start a blog in india - install a wordpress theme
    how to start a blog in india – install a wordpress theme
  • Now select the theme after checking the theme details.

    how to start a blog in india - theme install of wordpress
    theme install of wordpress
  • Click install and that is it.

  • Your WordPress theme is installed.

Now you can explore the customisations of this theme using the dashboard. It will be simple GUI steps that will differ from each and every theme. This will be easy. Still if you face any problems, you can definitely reach me out. I will assist you for free.

Step 7: Publish your first Blog Post

Now when you are ready with the WordPress theme. Or in other words, i will say that when you are done with the layout customisations, you can proceed to the next step where you can publish your first Blog post. This blog post will create a Article on your Blog that will be visible by the global visitors.

You can add effects / images and content in the way you want. That too without paying anything.

Steps To Publish your first article on WordPress Blog:

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard using your installation link.

    how to start a blog in india - wordpress login url
    how to start a blog in india – wordpress login url
  • On the left side panel, click on the Posts Tab and select Add new from the sub menu.

    how to start a blog in india - add new wordpress post
    add new wordpress post
  • A Word like editor will open up where you can provide the title and write the content under it.

    how to start a blog in india - wordpress editor for content
    wordpress editor for content
  • You can upload the pics using Add media and format the text with the given editor.

    how to start a blog in india - add media to wordpress post
    add media to wordpress post
  • When your article is ready, Publish the content.

    how to start a blog in india - publish content
    how to start a blog in india – publish content
  • That’s it. Your first article is live on the internet.

Step 8: Promote your Blog

Promotion means making the blog reach your audience. If you create your blog and no body is aware of that, then there is no use of having the blog. Promotion can require the advertisement, but i will suggest you to not invest any money for the ads in the beginning. To start, you can share your blog with your friends and relatives. You can create a facebook fan page. This will help you get the blog visibility.

Once you start earning with the blog, then you can move a step ahead and invest in your advertisements. But if you are financially good, i will suggest you to start using the advertisement services for yourself.

I will be sharing the complete article with the steps to promote your blog. Till then you can follow the below steps to promote your blog for free:

  1. Share the blog links on Instant messengers like Whatsapp/ Telegram etc.
  2. Create a Facebook fan page for your blog.
  3. Ask your friends to daily visit your blog and mark the web page as their book mark.

Signing Off

I am sure, your blog will be a good hit with your audience. This business gives you flexibility of working hours with the advantages of superb income.

Last words of Ravan were the following advises:

  • Never tell your secrets to anybody.
  • Always do the shubh Kaam as soon as Possible and always delay a Ashubh Kaam as long as You can.

Here are the steps which we learnt above.

To create Blog in India you should follow the steps

  • Choose your Blogging Niche and opt for your Blogging platform.
  • Buy the web hosting and a domain name.
  • Install the WordPress on your web hosting.
  • Setup the Basic WordPress theme and setup
  • Publish your first Blog Post
  • Promote your Blog

The next articles will be covering the way to

  • How to promote your blog
  • How to monetise your blog.

There is no limit of your earning with the blogs.

If you still have any questions or queries, you can reach me anytime using my Contact Us Page. You can drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram as well.

I do not charge the fees from the beginners. When i started, nobody was there to guide me.

I do not want you all to go from that phase. Just reach me out. My help will be free for you all.

How to Start a Blog in India and Make more than 6875 $ per month
How to Start a Blog in India
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How to Start a Blog in India
Are you looking how to start a blog in India? Or do you have questions about it. I am glad you’re here! In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to create your own blog, even if you are not from technical background.
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