The Blogger business fascinates about the glamour and the money it gives. When you search to know the salary of the top bloggers writing about the topic Food, you should also remember that this profession pays more to the individuals working for self rather than to the ones who write for the bigger firms and brands.

Before proceeding, let us understand the definition.

food blogger salary and income
food blogger salary and income

Food Blogger is an individual who writes on the internet about any content that has anything related to food or food industry. The trend is getting popular and the bloggers are publishing their data on different platforms. This includes the popular magazines, the individual websites, the food apps etc.

Food Blogger Salary and Income

As just mentioned, the food blogger works not only for others rather writes his own content as well. This is the reason that in together with the salary of a person writing for food, i will be mentioning about the income which such professionals generates.

Average Salary of a blogger working for a third party

Generally a bigger magazine will hire a person for writing. In that case, the individual is called content writer and not a blogger exactly. But, the world commonly calls that individual as a blogger only. This kind of job can give an individual good money.

On an average the salary of a food blogger varies in a band of 500-1500 USD per month. That too is paid when a person is employed. There are many companies who rely on Freelancers working on per hour basis. They will work on an average 5-10 $ per article. If they give 35 articles per month, it will be around 250 Dollars per month.

Although there are not too many job vacancies for this kind of people, still there are many individuals working on their own.

Average Income of Food Blogger working on their own

When an individual working on its own writes a blog, generally he will be working as a one man army. From designing to SEO, everything they do on their own. The income of food bloggers is good and on an average a good running blog makes around 3000 – 4000 USD per month.

The top performing blogs have no limit and there are people who are making 25000-50000 dollars per month. Though they are limited in numbers. But believe me guys, there is no limit of earnings with the blogs.

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Other Benefits and Incentives of being a food blogger

  1. Free food at most of the restaurants and cafes.
  2. Invitation by bigger companies for free product launch party.
  3. Fame and popularity.
  4. Free gifts and hampers from the food companies.

You can start your own stuff and get financial freedom. Read here, how can you create your own blog with the minimum investment. If you have anything to discuss, reach me via contact page anytime.

Food Blogger Salary | Income & Earnings from a Food Blog
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