iPhone X / XS or XS max can be paired on TV even if you have Apple TV or not. We will tell you both the solutions and the ways to do your job. You can mirror the iPhone screen in minutes. It means, you will be able to see every content that is there on your screen on your Television. There are many possible ways which can do your job. I have filtered out the best out of them.

How to Mirror iPhone X / XS or XS max on TV
How to Mirror iPhone X / XS or XS max on TV

Some might recommend using physical cables and lighting connectors wire. All this will work, but is not good to use with Apple iPhone. When you can buy the standard phone, use the standard ways to mirror the content. This will enhance your user experience.

Mirror iPhone X / XS / XS Max on

I will tell you both for Apple TV and for Non Apple TV, the steps of showcasing your screen content on TV. To begin with let us first check for Apple TV.

  1. Steps for Apple TV

    • Connect the iPhone X / XS or XS max and the Apple TV on the same WiFI network.
    • Now on the iOS mobile, swipe up to access Control Centre.
    • Tap on the Airplay Mirroring.
    • Enter the Code shown on Apple TV on your mobile phone
    • That’s it.
  2. Steps for LED / LCD TV

  3. Take your Chromecast and connect it to the HDMI port of your TV.
  4. Connect your iPhone and Chromecast on the same WIFI network.
  5. Get the Google Home App from the App store and configure the basic setup.
  6. Now open any app and start casting your content on the TV.

The Chromecast for iPhone will allow limited apps for mirroring on the TV screen. On Android device, you can cast anything you want on the TV. It will mirror each and every action you do. Same on iPhone can be done with Apple TV. But if budget is your problem, you can get chromecast else Apple TV. Chromecast is also extremely good with iPhone. You will definitely love the screen mirror experience on your Television.

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How to Mirror iPhone X / XS or XS max on TV
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