Remove Powered by Blogger Text from Google Blogspot footer. With a simple modification as per the below steps, you will be able to remove powered by Blogger text yourself. Google Blogger is one of the great platform which is helping bloggers to create blogs and reach out the mass. Blogger is the second most used CMS after WordPress. It is helping many young enthusiastic bloggers to earn. My last article was about how to add Google AMP in Blogger, which is very beneficial for your site performance.

remove powered by blogger text
remove powered by blogger text

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Now coming back to the topic, here i am putting the steps that will solve your purpose. If your template does not have the option to remove or modify footer credits from Blogger Homepage, then your only option is to edit the Template code.

Steps to Remove Powered By Blogger Text

  1. Login to your Blogger website.
  2. Go to Your Template and click edit HTML to edit the code.
  3. Search For “body {” in the code file and add “#Attribution1 {display: none;} above the “body {” tag.
  4. Save the template and refresh your browser window.
  5. You will find that the “Powered by Blogger” text is not visible now.


Performing the above steps to Remove Powered by Blogger text from your blog footer is super easy, but still i recommend you guys to take a backup of your blog before you make any change in your template. In case you miss some code or modify some extra data, your blog will not be visible to others. So, keep in mind to have a full backup. In case of need, you should be able to use the saved code for your website. Most of the new bloggers don’t use backups for their blogs. This comment is specifically for those friends. I hope you enjoy reading my articles. Do comment with feedbacks, so that i can improve and deliver you everything you want.



How to remove Powered By Blogger Footer Text

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