Monarch plugin not working. Monarch is a popular social share plugin for wordpress. It is easy to fix Monarch plugin not working error. Generally, plugin like Monarch don’t create a fuss and are almost always working. Monarch has always been a first priority of the bloggers to use social share buttons on their blogs. Many claim that with Monarch the traffic rise is exponential.

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Anyways, we will not go in details of the plugin, rather we will analyze how the plugin error can be fixed.

Monarch Plugin Not Working

Monarch Plugin Not working
Monarch Plugin Not working

The only reason if Monarch plugin is not working is its non compatibility with the WordPress code which might come because either the plugin is buggy or is untested or some files might are corrupted.  You can proceed stepwise to fix Monarch Plugin Not working error-

Steps to Fix Monarch Plugin Not Working Error

  1. Check that you are using the latest version of the Monarch Plugin.
  2. If yes, it is the latest, make sure it is tested with the WordPress Version you are using. some plugins might work or might not work as desired if untested for a particular wordpress version.
  3. Now Check if the Installed Plugin has got some Review points about any existing bugs.
  4. If you are not able to find the Plugin bugs, go to Github and search for the same.
  5. Now If Github also does not have any particular reference, check that you have not modified any of the last installed version of the plugin.
  6. If you are matching with the above steps, try installing the plugin again.
  7. The maximum probability is your issue will be resolved and your Monarch Plugin not working error will be rectified.


If even after following the above steps, your error still exists, then it is the problem with the Developers. You can directly mail the Plugin team and report the issue to them. They will highly appreciate this. Before mailing just make sure, you are using a genuine wordpress theme.

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Drop me with the comments with the feedback about your error. Is it fine. If yes, well and good. if not tell me what are the challenges you face.

Monarch Plugin Not working | Fix Monarch plugin not working

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