Cryptocurrency Business is making good profits and People are asking for way to buy popular Crypto like EOS Coin. This coin is specifically being asked by the experts as a strong buy recommendation. Majority of my readers trust my suggestions and make the purchase. With this coin, they are holding a good profit and are still waiting for bigger targets.

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how to buy eos coin
how to buy eos coin

The crypto coins are trending all over the world, but a very few countries are imposing a strict regulations in their trading. I do not know, which country you belong too, but if it is completely banned there, you can ignore the purchase. But if it is running in your region, definitely go for this coin. Although there are many exchanges to purchase EOS, i recommend you to use Binance. The reason of my strict suggestion is very less transaction fees and the trust of this exchange with the users.

Steps to Buy EOS Coin

  • Open Binance Official Website and sign up for your free account.
  • Verify the email address and set up Google 2F Authentication.
  • Now go to Deposits section in your Binance account and select BTC.
  • Copy the wallet address and deposit the BTC to this Binance BTC wallet.
  • Open the Exchange and search for the coin EOS.
  • Enter the number of coins to be purchased and proceed with the transaction.
  • That’s it.

Binance exchange is a marketplace where you will be able to make the coin purchase by exchange of any coin. This does not let you buy the coins with your country currency. EOS coin is not available at any of the world exchange where it can be directly bought with the local currency. I have tried almost every exchange, but i am very much satisfied with Binance.

Instead of BTC, you can send any of the available coin to your Binance wallet and then use it to purchase the EOS Crypto.

I am sure, you will make good profit out with this coin. If you have any idea of some better alternative, do share the suggestions in the comments below.

How to Buy EOS Coin

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