The Domain name registration in India is free with some great benefits. When you register a domain name on internet, the company reserves it for you in the whole internet. The regulation authority restricts others to get the same domain registration and gives you the full authority of use.

Free Domain Registration in India
Free Domain Registration in India

You may map the purchased domain name with any server space and let others access the web pages through it. For eg, your server ip address is and you map it to your domain name, say suppose and when you want to access on internet, you can use the alias for that.

Now coming to the server space, in general terms, this may be referred as Web Hosting. When you get a domain name, you should definitely have a web hosting for it.

Free Domain registration in India

There are many hosting companies that will offer you free domain name for a web hosting. let us understand the business model of their operation.

Just imagine that you allow take away Orange Juice for your customers. There are 2 possible ways you can sell.

  1. Orange juice Cost + Container Cost = 1$ + 1$
  2. Orange Juice Cost + Free Container = 2$

You charge any price to the customer and you get the 2 dollars for yourself. Now different customers will react differently. Some might find option A more attractive or some might find option 2 more attractive. This is all the psychology. The management graduates do a research and analyse the data and then accordingly get the customers for them.

Now, i can give you many web hosting that are using Option 2 as their business model. But now as you are mature to understand the business model, let us try finding the one which will be more cost saving to you.

If you google up about hosting companies, most of them will recommend Bluehost / Siteground. The reason is their commission is good. And if you purchase them on the reviewer’s recommendation, they will give a good referral amount to the reviewer.

They are good. But genuinely telling you guys. Considering the Tech Support, Server up time, ease of use and no hidden chargers, i prefer A2 Hosting above all. Once you get started with the website, you will be needing the good tech support and better server performance. Also, the A2 hosting will charge a very less renewal to you. Most of the companies might give you very high discount when you are purchasing, but will charge a good amount on renewals. They know most of the bloggers will hesitate to change the hosting provider as it will require data migration which is not tedious job to do.

100% Free Domain registration option in India

Also important to note here is that – if you want to register a 100 % free domain name for you, you can do it but your domain name will be a domain extension. There are many providers, but the best will be by Google. Google offers blogger platform and you can register a domain name with blogspot extension for free. Like is something which will be available for cost, but if this is to be purchased without any cost, it would have been

I do not recommend to go for this unless you are the one who can not afford even a 10 dollar for your business. Also read, how much i made in July 2018 from blogging.


Google BloggerBig RockA2 Hosting
Price 100 % Free Cheapest in India - Around 1000 INr per year Cost Effective and the best (I use it for my 7 blogs) (Around 1999 INR per year)
Purchase Link (Embedded with our maximum discount which is deducted from our commission) Click Here Click Here Click Here


Free Domain Registration in India
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Free Domain Registration in India
The Domain name registration in India is free with some great benefits. When you register a domain name on internet, the company reserves it for you in the
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