Adsense Express. Many of you search on Google for Google Adsense Express. With great interest you search terms like Adsense Express for your business growth. Many of my readers too ask me what is this Adsense Express network ? To answer their concern, i am writing this article, because this was becoming one of the top most asked query by my readers.

Adsense Express

Adsense Express is a query which you searched out of confusion with Adwords Express. There is no Google product with this name. Rather you have to search for the term Adwords Express. So, here i will brief about for your question with exact details.

Adsense Express main
Adsense Express main

Adsense Express | Adwords Express Actually

AdWords Express features is for small, local companies with or without a website, and this platform is ideal for business owners who don’t have a lot of time to manage online advertising. It offers easy setup and is a convenient way to quickly setup online ads. You only have to pay as pay per click criteria. The best thing is there is no hidden charge for this.

The user sets a budget and based on the type of business you have, Google will identify a list of keywords that can trigger your ad. Google also maintains and updates the search phrases, so minimal management by the business owner is necessary.

Ads can be targeted for a specific area around your business, or targeted to cities, states or countries depending on your advertising needs.

The ease of AdWords Express comes at the cost of some user control, including the ability to only promote one service or product at a time due to the allowance of one set of keywords and ads. It’s also limited in the keyword data provided, making it difficult to analyze the effectiveness and make improvements.

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Difference between Adsense and Adsense Express (Adwords Express)

The Google AdWords program enables you to create advertisements which will appear on relevant Google search results pages and our network of partner sites.

The Google AdSense program differs in that it delivers Google AdWords ads to individuals’ websites. Google then pays web publishers for the ads displayed on their site based on user clicks on ads or on ad impressions, depending on the type of ad.

Difference between Adwords Express and Adwords

AdWords: If you are looking for robust online advertising – inclusive of text, animated and/or static banners, and engaging video formats – AdWords is the best place to be. This platform is ideal for businesses that have their own website, and campaigns with a lot of moving parts – i.e., multiple landing pages, a variety of creative ad formats, etc. Also, if you plan to A/B test anything – creative, text ads, or landing pages – AdWords is the way to go.

Adsense Express
Adsense Express

AdWords Express: If you’re comfortable with only having text ads on and Google Maps, then consider AdWords Express. Although the platform doesn’t contain advanced ad formats, you will still be able to write your own ads which will show next to, above, or below the search results as a “Sponsored Link.” To run on AdWords Express, you don’t even need a website, as you can direct all of your ads to your Google+ page for more information on your business. If you do have a website, though, you can direct ads there as well.


I hope now you know that your query Adsense Express was actually for Adwords Express. If you are using the service or have used it, do let us know the feedbacks and your expreiences in comments.

Adsense Express | Adsense Express Details
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