Pay per click / Cost per click ad networks are the advertisement networks that pay the bloggers for every click a visitor makes on the ads displayed on any blog or website. Blog monetization is a must for every blogger.

pay per click ad networks
pay per click ad networks

Majority of bloggers write blogs to earn. There are very few who just simply blog for a cause. There are many ad networks which help you monetize a blog.

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Pay per Click – How it works

Pay per click pays the blogger or the website owner on per click basis. It means whenever any blog visitor who is reading your blog clicks on any of the pay per click ad, then the ad network will pay you on per click basis.

It does not matter what the visitor does on the advertisement link website. The other option is CPA, cost per action where the ad network pays on actions of the user. I will share an article for CPA ad networks soon. If i have to compare pay per click and Cost per action networks i will say, cost per action gives more money but you have to be patient.

When i started i also felt that pay per click ad networks are the best. I read many arficles which suggested cost per action as the best way. But i could not believe. Now when i am into blogging since years, i can say experience will always change the way you think.

Benefits of  Pay per Click Ad network

  • Revenue is generated for every user engagement.
  • You can expect income on regular basis.
  • You can predict the user engagement behavior and revenue.

If your blog gets around 1000 visitors a day and all from same country, then you can predict your daily revenue. Suppose pay per click for your audience country is 0.5 $ . As per the studies, generally 5-10  % visitors click on the shown advertisements. Meaning, out of 1000, around 100 visitors will be clicking your ads. So the daily income becomes – 100*0.5 $. This sums to 50.

Normally the CPC as 0.50 is for tier 1 countries like US and UK. On an average the CPC for adsense for any popular blog lies between 0.10 – 0.12 . You can predict as per your audience.

Pay per click Ad network – What are Pay per click advertisements

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