Reset WordPress Blog to default Settings. You can actually reset WordPress to default settings without deleting the add ons. Meaning, when you perform this action, you can choose either to keep default plugin settings. You can also ask the plugin to reset and deactivate the active plugins.

reset wordpress to default settings
reset wordpress to default settings

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There are many ways. But with the plugin the work is much easier and hassle free. You can do the job in minutes with just mouse clicks.

Steps to Reset WordPress Blog to default settings

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins section on Left side.
  • Click Add New plugin and search for WordPress Database Reset.
  • Hit install and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Go to Tools section and then click Database reset (Tools » Database Reset ).
  • Select the tables which you wish to move to default settings.
  • Tick mark the ‘Reactivate Current Plugins after reset’ to continue the plugin usage.
  • Click on Reset and you have the Reset WordPress Blog.

How it works

WordPress uses tables to save your data. Anything you modify is in forms of tables and with this plugin you simply reset the WordPress tables.

Every data is reset to the default settings. But, before proceeding with the guide, i recommend to take a backup of your WordPress site. I know if you are planning to reset the data is not useful to you.

But still, with my personal experience i feel, whenever you wish to make bigger changes, you should definitely back up your wordpress blog. You never know when you get a requirement to use your older data.

Reset WordPress Blog | Default Settings Reset WordPress Blog

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