Powered by Pushengage. The notification Powered by Pushengage is a quiet popular on websites. When you see Powered by Push Engage, you get curious to know the details. But before i start, i must tell you that this Powered by Pushengage notification is a service for websites which lets users to get subscribers and send push notifications when required.

Powered By Pushengage

Powered By Pushengage
Powered By Pushengage

With recent advancements in technology, there are now a few new methods that you can use to notify your readers of latest posts or important updates from your blog.

Today, I will be talking about PushEngage: A web push notification service for WordPressIt also supports other platforms like e-commerce sitesBlogSpotJoomla, Drupal, bbPress & much more.

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What is Push Engage Push Notification?

Push engage is a Browser Push notification service. Now, to explain what is Push notification, you should know thet Mobile Apps use notifications to increase user engagement and now the same technology is available in browsers as well. You send an alert to a user sharing important updates with your consumer, like payment reminders, price drop alerts, coupon codes, breaking news, crickets scores, etc. and this brings back the user to your website. The website comes to the user for the important things and makes the experience superior for your customer. Another key point is that when the user is online, he will receive the notification in his browser and he may not be present in your website.

With Chrome announcing its support for Push Notifications in April 2015, and Firefox in Jan 2016, this became available in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, which represents 70% + market share of browsers.  You can check your own analytics data. The majority of your users are available to be re-engaged through this channel.

Benefits of Pushengage Push Notifications

  1. Opt-in/Opt-out feature: Users control push notifications. When used right, apps and their notifications keep customers connected – not annoyed. In a device’s mobile settings, users can customize how and what they want to see from your app.
  2. Increase Traffic: Push notifications help retain users. Not only do they help increase interaction on the topic of the message, but they can help increase the returns you see from your app.
  3. Get Insight on Customer Behavior: Apps help you learn about what appeals to your customers. Push notifications have an analytic tracking system for messages, interaction times, devices, platforms and for situations which created the most engagement.
  4. Foster Engagement: Your organization’s app is a direct line of communication to its customers. People avoid apps that simply take up space on their phones. But when an app has push notifications… each *ping!* and message that follows instantly informs a customer to what’s new and can drive them toward action.
  5. Easy to use: And easy to manage. Push notifications are targeted, friendly and relevant to the user. This makes them an effective marketing tool for any occasion.

How to Get more subscribers & traffic with browser Push Notifications

At this moment, this service supports the Chrome browser on all platforms (mobile & desktop) and the Safari browser on Mac OS. In the future, we can expect it to support other browsers like Firefox.

The setup part is quick and easy.

You can signup for PushEngage over here. There with the website details, you can proceed to do the setup.

The free account allows you to send unlimited push messages per month for 2,500 subscribers, which is a decent number for a small and medium-sized blog.


Try not to send too many push notifications in a short span.

Register for PushEngage

Do let me know your experience with web-push notifications. Do you know of another modern subscription option that I should cover here on Blogcheater?

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What is Powered by Pushengage
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What is Powered by Pushengage
Powered by Pushengage. The notification Powered by Pushengage is a quiet popular on websites. When you see Powered by Push Engage, you get curious
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