Jeunsse is growing its business worldwide. After the global presence, jeunesse is in India and you can join it for free. Yes, You can become member of Jeunesse Global in India now. The company is very well known for its anti ageing products and you can find the craze of this brand all over the country.

The Jeunesse India offers a great platform to earn money especially as a part time option. But part time here does not mean that the income you earn here is less. Infact, there are many people who are earning much more than their full time jobs with the companies like Jeunesse Global. When i write about the ways to earn money with internet, i encounter so many people asking me about the Jeunesse group. For them, i am specifically putting the details to make them join Jeunesse India.

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Steps to Join Jeunesse in India

  1. First of all go to the official Jeunesse Global website.
  2. Now Select Your Country as India and Language as English and click on continue after that.
  3. Check the “I Consent” tick box and continue to the next step.
  4. Enter your personal details including AADHAR Card number / PAN No / Address.
  5. Hit Complete Signup and That’s it.

Very Important

If the website asks for the Sponsor ID / Referral ID or any other detail of the person who invited you, use the ID – joiningsupport. Without this, you will not be able to proceed with your signup.

Here is the Official Signup link in case the above step one does not work for you-

The website also asks you to enter the cancelled cheque photograph which is required to receive/send payments from your account. You can skip this step for now.

Infographics reference for the procedure to understand process of joining jeunesse

join jeunesse in India
join jeunesse in India
join jeunesse in india consent checkbox
join jeunesse in india consent checkbox

Here is the Sponsor ID. If it asks enter the Joiningsupport to join jeunesse india.

join jeunesse in india sponsor id
join jeunesse in india sponsor id


What is sponsor name in Jeunesse Global?

The sponsor name is the ID with which you join as a reference. Use the name – joiningsupport wihle proceeding with your sign up.

Is KYC required for Jeunesse India?

Yes, KYC verification is must for Jeunesse India. This helps that no body with fraudulent data enters the company.

What all documents are required for verifying KYC with Jeunesse?

You need to provide name and Address also the following documents supporting the same details:

  • Address Proof (Driving License / AADHAR No)
  • PAN Card No.

Jeunesse will make you earn money. In case any support is needed, you can drop me an email.


Join Jeunesse in India
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