Infotainment Interview questions. The top basic as well as advanced infotainment interview questions with answers. These are the filtered infotainment interview questions that are asked in top automotive companies around the globe. Infotainment is one of the crucial component in automotive system. It is not limited to single protocol, but rather it uses other protocols too, so the engineer should not limit himself to a particular topic or knowledge area. Anyways, lets check out the top infotainment questions that will help both experienced and fresher to crack automotive infotainment technical interview.

infotainment interview questions
infotainment interview questions

Infotainment Interview Questions

  • What is Centre Stack

    Centre Stack is a automotive unit that has mainly the features for user information and entertainment. The Centre stack lets the user to control entertainment part like songs, videos, satellite radio and shows the information of navigation route, incoming phone calls and chimes and alerts as well.

  • What is Infotainment

    Infotainment is a technical term for a system that is designed to provide Information + Entertainment for the user. A single unit which performs the combined work is Infotainment system.

  • What is DAB Radio

    DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting is a transmission of Digital Signals in the range of AM / FM frequency band. The DAB radio provides the HD quality music streaming as well as many other features.

  • How does car navigation Work

    Car navigation uses the GPS locator (mostly) to locate the vehicle on Coordinates. Using these coordinates the car searches and navigates to the desired route. Now a days, the infotainment system comes with Android and iOS application. You can install many apps and get the navigation in more informative way.

  • What is the difference between DAB and AM

    DAB is digital signal transmission over same frequency band as in AM. AM transmits the analogue signals. The sound quality in DAB is HD where as the AM modulates analog pulse so it has noise and distortions.

  • What is Sirius Radio

    Sirius Radio is a satellite radio service which broadcasts digital radio signals to subscribed receivers from satellite network directly. The sound quality in Sirius radio is brilliant and the user can subscribe to different channels with a particular content type as per the choice of the user.

  • What is SDARS

    SDARS is the acronym of Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service which provides on streaming and on demand content streaming to the subscribed users.

  • How your Car Network is connected with Multimedia Head Unit

    Multimedia Head Unit in car connects with the Automotive CAN network using the CAN bus. Also, the Head unit connects with cluster in some cars using MOST or LIN protocol. The Head unit has the support to connect external devices using Bluetooth or USB or an AUX.

  • What is the Frequency Band Range of Entertainment features in Infotainment system of a Car

    • AM Radio frequency band ranges from 540 to 1600 Khz
    • FM Radio Frequency Band Ranges from 88 to 108 KHz
    • DAB Radio Frequency Band Range from 175 to 239 Mhz

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Apart from these specific domain questions interviewer can ask you the CAN protocol Interview questions. You should definitely read this article before going for the interview. Also, sooner i will be publishing the questions and answers for UDS queries. Keep reading my blog. If you have specific questions, you can always reach me. I will get back to you guys soon. Many more interesting articles are on the way. Till then cramp these infotainment interview questions.

Infotainment Interview Questions

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