Interested to know about, How Much does a Crown Cost you Without Insurance ? The Dental insurance will get you a tooth crown, but without your teeth insurance, the crown cost varies from place to place. In one state it might be cheap, and in other the price might be higher. Lets, look out the price details of crown with no insurance and the best possible way to get it for you.

Dental Crown Best Prices Without Insurance.
Dental Crown Best Prices Without Insurance.

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Dental Crown Cost Without Insurance

The cost of the crown depends on the material and on the place where you are having it. The cost of a crown varies between a price range of 300 $ to 1500 $. The price variation is due to location and material changes.

First let us check the cost estimates on an average based on the geographical regions. The Asian countries provide the world class facility and quality of medical treatment in the budget prices. The professionals are trained. Indian Doctors are very reputed and professionals and i recommend you to opt for them. The cost of the implant is cheap in Asian countries than in western Pacific Regions.

Different Dental Crowns and Crown Cost Estimates Without Insurance

Crown MaterialAverage Cost of Crown without Insurance (in USD)Details
Porcelain Crowns 1400-1500 $ These crowns are made of ceramic materials and look the most like the tooth they are covering or replacing, which makes them good for front teeth. Ceramic breaks more easily than metal crowns, requires at least two dentist visits and has to be custom-made in a laboratory.
Metal Crowns 1299 - 1399 $ This type is good for teeth that are in the back of the mouth. Metal crowns last longer than other types and are less likely to break or chip. However, the color is much more obvious than other types of crowns.
Porcelain Fused to Metal 1099 - 1199 $ Ceramic is bonded to a metal base to make these crowns. The metal helps strengthen the ceramic but the outer porcelain base can still break. These crowns also have to be prepared in a lab.
Crowns For Baby Teeth 500 - 700 $ Stainless steel crowns or caps are used to protect damaged baby teeth that can’t hold a filling. The caps are pre-made and sized to slip over the tooth, then they’re sealed with dental cement.

Crown Cost Estimates as per the Geographical Region

Geographical RegionAverage Cost of Crown Without Insurance
Asia 100$ Approx
Middle East 300$ Approx
Europe 800$ Approx
Africa 120 $ Approx
USA Tier 1 1200$ Approx
USA Tier 2 1000$ Approx


I recommend you to opt for dental insurance anytime. Still, if you have done the mistake and you have ample time. You can travel to any of the Asian Country. The trip will be cheap and will get your job done as well.

But Dental Insurance is something which you should never ignore. Even if you get the dental Crown or not, still i recommend you to buy the one for you now.

How Much does a Crown Cost Without Insurance
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