Cost of Game of thrones. The Cost of game of thrones. With this article i will tell you the exact cost of Game of Thrones episodes. Game of Thrones seasons are very very popular all over the globe. A lot of money goes for creating such an impressive TV series. The single episode of Game of thrones has investment of so much money that you don’t even think about that. Every age group makes a search to know the expenditure and cost of GOT seasons.

cost of game of thrones
cost of game of thrones

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Game of thrones TV series comes in the seasons and each season has some episodes. The production cost for creating single single episode of every season is something which you must think and discuss while eating with your friends. At times, may be at dinner table or even on social media. So, lets check out the details and cost of Game Of thrones episodes.

Cost Of Game Of thrones

On an average of all the episodes of all the seasons, Game of thrones costs $8 million per episode. The Game of Thrones series has 7 seasons out since its launch. All the 7 series costs good amount. Obviously every Game of thrones season does not cost the same amount. In total the budget has exceeded the $ 120 Million mark.

The interesting thing is with the upcoming new seasons, the budget is increasing. With such a great fan following, the production company is not in any mood to save the expenditure and do the cost cutting. The viewers are increasing day by day and so the business it is giving is enhancing. Also, it is important to note that, when the season was started it was expected to cost even a bit higher than what it is costing now. We all love Game of thrones and will be loving it in future too. Enjoy watching the Game of thrones series

Cost Of Game of Thrones

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