Internet Speed Checking tool is free to use and it will test your internet connection speed. With simple checks, the tool will give you the exact detail of download and upload speed of your internet connection.

How to test and check internet speed
How to test and check internet speed

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Check internet speed

This article will tell you the best and most popular tool to check the internet connection speed. The steps will guide you to test the speed including upload and download speeds for your connection. This speed tester is universal and will work for any device which has a web browser. Let it be computer, mobile or a laptop.

Steps to check Internet Speed

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Now Click here to launch the speed test.
  3. On the new web page, click the test button.
  4. Wait for few seconds and the tool will tell your internet connection speed.
  5. That’s it.

Internet Speed Tester Compatibility

Universal. Works with all the devices that can access the internet using web browsers.

How does internet speed check works

When the user hits the test button, then the browser requests the server for the response. The requests are frequent and the algorithm performs the calculations. With the frequency of the request and ability to respond, our tool gives you the details of the internet speed. The upload and download speeds are shown individually.

Why our tool is the best tool to Check Speed of your internet

  1. 100 % free to use.
  2. Gives the details of upload speed and download speed individually.
  3. 100 % Reliable and gives the unbiased data.
  4. Fast and easy to use interface. Works with one click.

Something Really important

There are many online tools. But you should note that, most of the tools will give you different data. You must have seen advertisements that their net service is the best. Actually internet speed companies sign up a deal with the internet providers that they will show a better result for their partners. You can actually confirm this by comparing the results yourself. Our tool is unbiased and will show you what we calculate.

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