Technology is evolving and now with the Twitch Affiliate program you can earn directly from your smartphone as well. After you join the affiliate network of Twitch, whenever you stream your content or make a game sale, you will get paid for it. This is entirely new concept in affiliate world.

A Complete Beginner guide to become a Twitch Associate
A Complete Beginner guide to become a Twitch Associate

Few days back, it was bloggers who used to query about the affiliate programs. But now, even if you are streaming a content on mobile, you can make good money. Twitch gained popularity recently when people started streaming their PUBG gameplay. Most of the gamers just simply start playing the game and stream it on the twitch channel. The other twitch viewers when check the streamed content, the user gets paid for it. Interesting thing to note is that payment is made for the bits of streamed content which the viewers watched. Isn’t it great. Now you smartphone and gameplay can make you earn.

Let’s proceed and read the steps.

How to Join Twitch Affiliate Program

  1. Create your Twitch account and start streaming on the network.
  2. Now Stream the content for 8 hours in the 30 days interval or Stream on 7 days in the 30 days interval
  3. While streaming Reach an average of 3 viewers per stream
  4. Grow your audience to 50 followers
  5. You will get an invite from Twitch to join the Affiliate program.
  6. That’s it.

The Twitch provides the invites to the qualified users and meeting the minimum requirements is not a tedious thing. Rather it is very simple and almost 98% of the users get the approval.

How much Can a Twitch Affiliate Partner earn from the commissions

You can easily earn around 30-40 $ per day on an average. But there is no limit of making money from the Twitch Affiliates. The income is directly in accordance to the number of your followers. The network pays an individual when either of the following is done:

  1. The Game Sale
  2. Subscription of new users.
  3. Cheering for Affiliates.

How to receive Twitch Affiliate Payout Money

Receive Payments from the below options:

  • Wire Transfer.
  • Direct transfer to the bank account.
  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Virtual Account using Payoneer (You Will receive 25 $ on Signup)
  • Hold Payments (Held while waiting Affiliate to specify new payout information)

Signing Off and leaving the decision upto You

The Twitch is a good option that will let you earn from the things you do without any purpose. The best example is that you can earn while playing a game and streaming live game play to your followers. Pubg is the classic example of this.

Come back and do comment your experiences below.

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A Complete Beginner guide to become a Twitch Associate
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