F1 Visa is approval requires an interview after which you either get approved / rejected for the Visa. Here i am giving you the list of all questions that are mandatory for the process. You must read the answers carefully and i hope your Visa application gets accepted. Before i start, i must quickly give an overview about the visa type.  F1 Visa is mandatory for the students who wish to study in the states. The VISA application process for F1 is quiet a time consuming process. But still, all the formalities are mandatory

F1 Visa interview questions
F1 Visa interview questions

. Clearing the interview is one such.


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F1 Visa Interview Questions

  1. Why are you going to the US?

    For F1 Visa, say that you are going to US to pursue higher quality education.

  2. Why did you choose US for the higher studies?

    The universities in USA are known for their quality education and well structured programs as well. They provide ample of research opportunities and American Universities provide a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge as well as emphasize on building practical skills. This is the reason why i am planning to shape my career in states.

  3. What will you specialize in for your degree?

    They will ask you for the course of specialization. Provide them the details about your course. Also keep in mind, how this will help the people and the society, This might be the next question to you. Also,, related to your present employer, they might ask you the below questions:

    • Where do you work?
    • What is your job responsibility in the company?
    • Why do you think we should give you visa to study in the US?
  4. How many universities did you apply to?

    Tell them the actual count you have applied to. Please make sure, you do not input them any false data. And yes, do not get jumbled up while answering this question. Be precise and clear about the count.

  5. Why did you apply to so many universities?

    I applied for all the universities for which i found positive reviews and are related to my specialization. Though the count might be high, the only reason is that i could not filter out any university after reading the internet.

  6. Why you opted for this university?

    According to a research that I conducted and opinions from seniors studying there, the coursework offered by this university perfectly aligns with my interests. The university facilitates a good progress in the research work.

  7. Why have you changed the field of your study?

    This is something which you have to ask yourself. Be prepared and then go. There can not any specific answer as the field of every student is different.

  8. List of Personal Questions that are individual specific?

    • What does your father and/or mother do?
    • What is your parents’ annual income?
    • How are you planning to cover the rest of your expenses?
    • Do you have any siblings? How many? What do they do?
    • Who is sponsoring you?
    • Did you take any loan?
    • Do you have friends and/or relatives in the US?
    •  Did you get any scholarship?
  9. What is the profession your parents are into and do you have any siblings?

    The reason why they ask for this info is that they want to know that you are strong from your background. They are worried that if they grant VISA to any such person who will just go US and will become a liability there, it will be difficult for their government to entertain.

  10. What is the annual income of your parents?

    This question will relate to your answer for your parents occtupation. They will try to figure out if the salary you mention is in accordance with the occupation. They will catch you if you try to manipulate the things.

  11. Can i see your Bank statements?

    Depending on your answers for your salary and parents occupation, the bank transactions will confirm them if you are fooling them or not.

  12. Where do your parents reside and do you live with them?

    Try to answer this as clear as you can. If they are planning to come to you to US, mention that, but make sure that they are financially stable to afford the expenditures. The Bank statement should be in sync to your words.

  13. Are you taking a loan to support yourself financially during the period you pursue higher studies in the United States?

    Tell them clear about this. Not everybody can afford the things and loan is a good option to proceed with.

  14. Have you ever been rejected for the F1 Visa?

    Mention yes and be prepared with the reason for this question. You do not have to worry, if you have never been rejected for the VISA.

  15. Why you should be given the F1 Visa?

    This might be the last question to you, but can be the turning point as well. The most critical thing to answer. For this question, do not try to fool the officer, else you will be in a problem for the future VISA applications as well. Rather for this query, give all of the reasons, why are you picking up the higher studies for US.

And Yes, when you are going for the F1 Visa appointment, please try to dress in Formals and go preferably with a nice dress up. This gives a really great impression on the interviewer. Though it is not a compulsion, but still it will be very positive to get with such an appealing personality.

There are so many VISA applications for which you can apply. Many people will demotivate you in context to the F1 Visa. But believe me, if they feel that you are genuine , there is no chance VISA is rejected.

Apart from the above questions, go prepared with the set of relevant documents and filled forms. If you do not know what documents are needed for F1 Visa, do not worry, i will share a article in some time. That will contain the details for the same.

If you get problems anywhere, you can drop below i comments. The other readers or i will respond to it in few time. Also, if you still have some queries, you can reach me directly. My details are available in About Page of the website. Till then enjoy.

F1 Visa interview questions for 2020

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