Create Website like Argos for free. You can also develop / create Argos like Website or Create website like Argos for free without any knowledge of Coding or Web Development. In Fact I should say, you can create E – Commerce Website on your own easily without taking help of anybody.

Create Website like Argos | Argos Like Website
Create Website like Argos | Argos Like Website

WordPress powers almost 70% of the World Websites and blogs.

To be precise, there is nothing so special about Argos. The Argos Worth is not the worth of the Code or the design. But it is the worth of the Brand Name and trust which Argos has gathered since years.

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Argos is one of the top leading E commerce of UK.

Steps to Create Website Like Argos for free

The days are gone, when you had to be proficient in coding to Build the websites. Even if you are not from Engineering Background, you can create Website like Argos.

  1. Buy A Domain Name

    Before you start, you should have a domain name and Web Hosting. You can get any. But i sincerely recommend Bluehost.

    Click Here to Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting With Discounted rates.

    Use Coupon – BHFRCOM30HOST to get upto 45 % off on Web Hosting and also you will get Free Domain Name.

  2. Install WordPress ( Website Building Software)

    The next thing you have to do is Install WordPress on your Hosting. If you follow My recommendation, and have got the Domain Name and Web Hosting from Bluehost, you can refer this stepwise tutorial to Install WordPress on Bluehost.

    WordPress is a Website Building Software that is installed on your hosting server. Everybody can operate it easily. It is same like using Facebook or any other Mobile application.

    Once you install WordPress, you can Login to your Dashboard. You will get all the stepwise instructions on your email by WordPress.

  3. Set Up the WordPress Theme

    Setting up WordPress theme means giving a Fixed Layout to your Website. It is kind of giving the 80% of the things to create Website like Argos.

    By Default, a wordpress theme comes installed and a default view for your website is active. You can change your theme easily.
    Must Read Note – The Website success rate depends a lot on Website appearance. If a website is created using WordPress, i should say The success rate depends a lot on the Theme you choose for your site. Read this article, which will ensure you install the appropriate theme.

  4.  Setup Woo – Commerce Store with Woo commerce wordpress Plugin

    After you have installed the desired wordpress theme. You need to add Woo Commerce Plugin to create your E Commerce store. With Woo Commerce, you can add products you wish to sell, just like it is available on Argos.

    You can categorize the products, can add filters. You can do everything you see on Argos. The most interesting part is, you don’t have to code for this. Everything is just a simple drag and drop.
    I will be sharing more Woo Commerce Guides to help you achieve the best out of it. Till then, just follow the steps, get the woo commerce installed and proceed with the Woo Commerce official guide itseld.

  5. Choose the Payment Gateway to receive payments from customers

    This thing is something, you have to be certain about. Interfacing payment gateway on website is easy with wordpress. But I don’t recommend you to do that for now.
    See, you are building a new website, which no body knows and no body has a trust on that.

    First, build the trust, win customers appreciations, then interface payment gateways. Till then, COD (Cash On Delivery) should be the only option for your payments.

Important to Note

That’s it. This will help you have the basic setup and will Create Website like Argos for you. Once you have enough products, I recommend you to read other Blogcheater posts that will help you improve your E-Commerce website.

Here is the Screenshot of One of the E – Commerce Website which is created using WordPress.

flipkart like website example
flipkart like website example

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Create Website like Argos | Argos Like Website
How to Create Website like Argos for free
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How to Create Website like Argos for free
Create Website like Argos for free. You can also develop / create Argos like Website or Create website like Argos for free without any knowledge of Coding
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