What is CAPL. The details you should know about CAPL. One of the popular google searches by Automotive Engineer is What is CAPL. With this article, i will brief you about CAPL script.

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What is CAPL

What is CAPL
What is CAPL

CAPL is a scripting language that is used to access the CAN protocol with Logical operations. With this, it is possible simulate anything on CAN network using the script code which is almost like C. The script can be used with Vector CANOe and Vector CANalyzer. Vector Canalyzer does not support all the script functions as CANoe.

What is the best Place to learn CAPL

Blogcheater.com is the best place to learn CAPL. Using Blogcheater, one can get to know the every detail of Communication Access Programming language.

Who has invented the CAPL

Vector GMBH has invented the CAPL scripting. Vector company also supplies CANalyzer and CANoe tools. It is possible to interface the script with the vector tools to simulate any CAN behavior. You can code a node or even create a simple CAN message with a particular data.

What is the Use and Benefit of CAPL Script

  • It can simulate the network nodes.
  • Can control the CAN DBC messages with logical operations.
  • Useful in automating the repetitive tasks in CAN bus.
  • Useful in data exchange between CAN and UART, CAN and RS 232.

You may find many websites stating details about the script. But 90 % of them will just change the language of the only available document for script. The Vector website offers a support document which i think almost every body of you is having. i suggest you not to read the document. What will you get after reading it.

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Make your logics strong and take the pdf only for reference. In my next articles i will tell you the approach with which you should proceed so that you can be master in the Automotive scripting Programming. Do subscribe to my blog for more automotive updates. Trust me guys, this is going to be the best place for automotive knowledge. I hope i answered the question What is CAPL?

What is CAPL | CAPL Details

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