EasyAzon Plugin- Hi Friends! This is CHIRAG BAWEJA, back with all new passion in this blogging world, with an aim to enlighten your knowledge regarding blogs. Most of you must be familiar of today’s topic, i.e. EasyAzon Plugin. First we will understand whats EasyAzon WordPress Plugin.


EasyAzon is an Amazon affiliate plugin for wordpress. We have several versions of EasyAzon, however the latest one is EasyAzon 4.0. This plugin basically helps you to increase your Amazon Affiliate Commission and many more other stuffs. Now we will discuss the features of EasyAzon one by one.

EasyAzon Features:

  1. With the help of EasyAzon, you can use multiple style of links. Different styles of text link when you hover on text, so many size options when you hover on image links, and many more.
  2. If you have to create Amazon Affiliate links, you do not have to login to your affiliate account, because everything will be done in wordpress dashboard, usin EasyAzon plugin. So basically EasyAzon helps you in saving time and provides you ease of use.
  3. There are so many other plugins which provides you “Add-to-Cart” option, but that are limited to 24 hour period, But EasyAzon provides you 90 days cookies. This means that if a customer add product to his cart, you can try to make sale for that product for full 90 days.
  4. Provides customer speicific Country Amazon link. Other plugin do not provide this feature easily, but with this plugin, you will get commission for sales front customers from other countries.  There are some simple steps to make this feature successful. All you need to do is sign-up for an Amazon associates account from relevant countries and then add them to the plugin setting page and enable that feature.

Types of EasyAzon links

EasyAzon is such a convenient plugin which helps you to link your Amazon products directly to your products. There are so many links available which can be used through EasyAzon plugin. Let’s have a look!

TEXT LINK- Basically there are 2 further features to this feature, one is mouse hover on the links and second is normal link. normal link is very simple feature, we can call it the basic one, but mouse hover feature is used to describe the product when you hover the link, so you dont have to visit the page and you ll get to know the product description.

CALL TO ACTION- This feature help you to increase the chances of conversion and CTR. Call to action button boxes redirects customer directly to Amazon. Customers are aware that they are being redirected.

call to action link
call to action link

There are different sizes of CTA button which looks similar to Amazon brand color, which automatically increases the chance of conversion.

IMAGE LINK- As the name suggests, with this feature you can insert image in your content. The image will be linked to the Amazon product page. The best part of this feature is that you don’t have to do the stuff manually like downloading the images and uploading to the product, all these things are done automatically, you just have to search the product on Amazon using EasyAzon plugin and this plugin will automatically insert the product image that is hyperlinked to your with your affiliate link.

THE INFO BLOCK- This feature comprises of all the three above features. Basically it’s a block which comprises of Text Link, Image Link, product description and even Call of Action block.

EasyAzon Infoblock
EasyAzon Infoblock

How Much EasyAzon Plugin Cost?

The answer of this question will be clear just by looking at this simple image, which will be easily understandable by each of you.

EasyAzon cost
EasyAzon cost

You can easily download EasyAzon WordPress Plugin from- https://wordpress.org/plugins/easyazon/


The final review of EasyAzon plugin is that its the best time saving plugin, very convenient to use. This Plugin will definitely bring in addition revenue to your business.

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To Make More Money With Amazon, Use EasyAzon Plugin

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